Clean Rite Center Named Best Laundromat in Baltimore

28 May 2020

We are beyond honored to be recognized by The Baltimore Sun’s readers and staff as the best laundromat serving the greater Baltimore area.

Our Baltimore location provides a comfortable lounge area equipped with free Wi-Fi, massage chairs, and TVs – but above all, we keep our laundromat spick and span.

Our assistant manager Laisha Best said it best, “We focus on cleanliness and customer service.”

With 70 machines and free use of dryers for up to 60 minutes, we make sure that all of our customers are taken care of. We also offer wash, dry and fold services at the discounted rate of 69 cents a pound.

We’re committed to serving the Baltimore area with our best-in-class laundromat services. To be recognized by The Baltimore Sun only gives us more confidence to continue putting our best foot forward.

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